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domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

Speed Reading The Hits Winner and 2 more photos by Frank.

The speed reading contest has come to an end, and what a ride it’s been. There were over 150 different videos submitted, and all of them were amazing. Who knew there were so many professional speed readers out there? Without any further ado, the winner of the My Chemical Romance “Speed Reading The Hits” Contest is "McrmyW00t." Check out her video:

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest, all of the videos were amazing.

In case you’re a little bummed out that you didn’t win, there are two new studio photos from Frank that should cheer you right up. Enjoy!

sábado, 17 de abril de 2010

Beware the Ides of... Oh wait nevermind it's April- Frank on Apr 16, 2010 06:08pm

hello friends,

happy 3rd week of April! Things have been super crazy on the My Chem front; songs written and recorded, coffee consumed...lots of coffee, babies being ultrasounded, crazy ideas becoming reality, and absolutely no sleep for the caffeinated and weary...ever.

To all the collectors out there who snatched up the limited edition art prints 1&2, congrats and thank you's all around, we hope you enjoy them. Its rare we get to do something really special like this, and it feels good to offer you guys something a little more personal than just another t-shirt design. (but if tshirts is whatcha crave, there are new designs coming soon I promise.). Installments 3&4 will be revealed next month, so keep checking back. Register to the site now to receive updates and info on prints and other My Chem related topics before anyone else. In the mean time here are two new pics from the studio for your inspection.

And for all of you thinking about entering the speed-reading lyrics contest, Good Luck! I cannot wait to see these videos, channel the micro machines guy and let it rip. Oh and NO CHEATING! Mumblers and people who speed up video tape will be disqualified and farted upon by my gaseous dog, Professor Buckley.

Now without any further adieu....what everyone looks forward to every April...another installment of:

A VERBAL HISTORY: Catchphrases of the Modern Age as told by My Chemical Romance.

Episode 19- "I don't mean to step on the dog..."

It was a warm spring night at the local recording studio when auxiliary musician Jamie Muhoberac first coined the popular phrase "I don't mean to step on the dog". Jamie, who has worked on the last 2 MCR records and is most famous for "pizza organ" and "crazy ray gun sounds", uttered the now infamous line as he literally almost stepped on Raymond Toros beloved Yorkshire Terrier, Jack Bauer. It was not long before the phrase found a home in the heart and on the lips of today's youth. Appearing on tshirts and bumper stickers the phrase quickly replaced Jesus's quote to the apostles, "I don't mean to shit on anyone's birthday cake here, but one of you is going to betray me." as today's most popular way to tell people you're not trying to bum them out, before saying something that will definitely bum them out. Witnesses to the invention of Jamie's catch phrase were quoted as saying "It just makes more sense. I mean really, when's the last time someone shit on your B-Day cake? And if it did end up happening, you can only experience that feeling once a year! Where as in today's day and age someone literally steps on a dog every 3 and a half minutes." (This statistic does not include Albania or Puerto Rico, and therefore cannot actually be proven.)



sábado, 10 de abril de 2010

Happy B-day Gerard Way My little Picture

9 OF APRIL OF 2O10 #33

mi pequeño tributo a G. una inspiración,un idolo,un anti-héroe, y un artista en conjunto.


viernes, 9 de abril de 2010

Nylon TV- My Chemical Romance Interview

video de la sesión de fotos y una pequeña entrevista, debió ser grabada hace un tiempo dado que aparece bob.

Photos Gerard Way Part 3

Me estoy conviritendo en la chica de los scans y traducciones, Mañana el cumple de G. que sorpresas encontraremos?.
estan son las fotos de la revista Nylon, seguramente colgaré la entrevista (traducida), los scans, y de regalo os puse la foto '' VOCALITY ''.


Estamos ansiosas de encontrar fotos de tu cumpleaños!
Te queremos gordo xD

By Frank [ traducción ]

Hola amigos,

Es hora de revelar las 2 primeras ediciones de nuestro set limitados de fotos. Mi intención con estas fotos impresas es permitirles poseer un pequeño portal hacia la vida creativa de la banda en el último año
De mis ojos a los suyos, momentos que quizás escuchen en la radio más adelante este año pero que, de otra forma, nunca habrían presenciado. Es un experimento para desacelerar la velocidad del sonido y permitirles ver la acción meses antes de escuchar la reacción, y el tiempo para imaginar cómo sonarán estas imágenes. Espero que disfruten ver estas memorias la mitad de lo que nosotros disfrutamos haciéndolas.

Foto #1 se llama “vocalocity”, es una imagen de Gerard tomada en la primavera de este año mientras grababa su voz en Los Angeles. Sucede algo mágico cuando Gerard entra a una cabina de voz, algunas de las imágenes favoritas que alguna vez he capturado, son de él haciendo precisamente esto. Tiene una extraña habilidad de transmitir emoción, ideas y movimiento a través de su voz y esto sucede para complacer a los oídos aunque sea un poco… canta bien… ¿entiendes?

Foto #2, “timing is everything” (el tiempo lo es todo). Esta imagen es de mi guitarrista favorito, Ray Toro, grabando su parte en Los Angeles probablemente en invierno del ’09. La cantidad de pasión e intensidad que Ray pone en cada nota que toca solo se compara con su nivel de habilidad. Hace que los ingenieros agachen la cabeza y que los guitarristas lloren de envidia. En el mundo real es un tipo muy agradable a quien le gusta la tecnología, pero si se trata de guitarras, Ray es un dios.

Estas fotos son muy limitadas y, para evitar a los tramposos vendedores en Ebay, solo se permitirá comprar una foto por persona. Puedes comprar cualquiera de las 2 fotos por $30 o ambas por $50. Si eres un usuario registrado en serás notificado antes que nadie y recibirás primera prioridad para obtener estas fotos. (insinúo: y si no estás registrado, hazlo ahora!)

Vuelve a revisar el próximo mes para ediciones 3 & 4.

Hasta entonces, paz, amor y antropofobia. xofrank


mensaje de Frank Iero, sin ironía alguna en las letras negras.
'' los amantes nunca mueren ''

miércoles, 7 de abril de 2010

Limited Edition Photo Sets 1 and 2: posted by Frank on Apr 6, 2010 05:45pm

Hello Friends,

It's time to unveil the first 2 installments of our limited edition photo set. My intention with these prints is to allow you to own a small portal into the creative life of the band over the past year.

From my eyes to yours, moments you may hear on your stereo later this year but would otherwise have never been witnessed. It's an experiment in slowing down the speed of sound, allowing you to view the action months before hearing the reaction, and time to imagine what these images will sound like. I hope you enjoy viewing these memories half as much as we did making them.

Print #1 is entitled "vocalocity", it is an image of Gerard taken in the spring of this year laying down vocal tracks in Los Angeles. There is something magical that happens when Gerard enters a vocal booth, some of my favorite images I've ever captured are of him doing just this. He has the rare ability to convey emotion, ideas, and movement through his voice and It happens to please the ears quite a bit...he sings well...get it?

Print #2, "timing is everything". This image is of my favorite guitar player, Ray Toro, laying down tracks in Los Angeles around thewinter of '09. The amount of passion and intensity Ray puts into every note he plays is matched only by his level of skill. He makesengineers duck and cover and guitar players weep with envy. In the real world he's a nice guy who likes gadgets, but when there's a guitar involved, Ray Toro is a god.

These photos are very limited and, in order to cut down on slimy Ebay-ers, will only 1 of each print will be available per person. You can buy 1 of either print for $30 or bundle prints 1&2 for $50. If you are a registered user you will be notified before anyone else and recieve first crack at obtaining these prints. (*hint hint if youre not, sign up now!)

Check back next month for installments 3 & 4.

Until then, peace, love, and anthropophobia. xofrank


Yummy hermosa va a subir la traduccion y fotos que vienen incluidas, este no se que decir el FRERARD jamas morira xD puto marketero haha xD en fin !! vuelvo :D

Mas fotos nuevas!