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domingo, 9 de septiembre de 2012

Nuevo Tweet de Frank

Do you want me? Do you want me? 
I thought I heard you call (call) 
If you need me, if you need me 
I'll come runnin and I won't stall (runnin and I won't stall) 
Do you want me? Do you want me? 
I thought I heard you call (call) 
If you need me, if you need me 
I'll come runnin and I won't stall, not at all 
I still remember the first day I met you, it was me and you I envisioned 
Not really thinkin that I can have you but it feel good while I was wishin 
You was switchin walkin down the hall, I'm twitchin shakin in my drawers 
Had to push up on you, give you my number and hope you call 
I could tell, you was diggin me cause all the time you would smile pretty 
Kickin my conversation, you was interested gigglin with me 
Kickin it with me, in a few minutes was like eternity 
My eyes met yo' eyes, it was somethin inside burnin in me 
Now you was the only one that I had eyes fo' 
All of them other girls they despise you 
When them chickens they wanted to fight you 
I will be standin there right beside you 
Ready to get 'em up, and you will get buck when it came to me 
There you stood, 5-foot-3, cute as can be and ready to rumble baby 
I thought it was special the way we held each other down 
'Member me holdin you in my arms? Baby couldn't nobody break our bond 
It was just me, and you, it was me-you against the world you see 
The things, we did to be together was just so risky, wasn't it? 
Had me holdin hands in public, niggaz they thought I was out of my hook-up 
Every time I looked up, you done cooked us up somethin scrumptious 
And not only that, when my future was damn near didn't look bright 
Someway somehow, you would find a way to bring the light 
Wrong or right, peace or fight though you was with it 
Had my back like one of my henchmen and I'm never ever gon' forget it 
Let a thug hit it, come cut the grass or paint the walls 
Fix the car or give a massage, and all you gotta do is call 
I does it all 
You let me run the streets with my thuuuuugs 
When I get home to youuuuu 
I'm a put it on youuuuu 
IIII'ma put it on you 
If you want it pick up the telephone, hit me on the 2-way sweetie 
Tell me somethin freaky, dial the number if you need me 
Believe me, I'm yours for life, after death we'll love in heaven 
Good times and the bad times I'm a be there for you 24/7 

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