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miércoles, 1 de diciembre de 2010

My Chemical Romance Comes Home To New York City

The boys of My Chemical Romance came back to their hometown (well, they’re from New Jersey… but close enough) to perform at the P.C. Richard & Son Theater in Tribeca. The most enthusiastic crowd I’ve seen in awhile was filled with mostly teenage boys and girls all eagerly awaiting their favorite band to hit the stage. And when My Chemical Romance finally came on… they did not disappoint.

Lead singer Gerard Way rocked a leather jacket and vibrant red hair, colorful enough to rival Rihanna’s crimson locks, but had nothing but a rock star quality air around him. He engaged the crowd; shouting the melodies at them, urging them to pump their fists and jump, and even throwing his body into the crowd of awaiting hands.

My Chemical Romance played an 11 song set with songs from their three previous albums and songs from their most recent album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. The opening number, “Na Na Na”, a poppy, upbeat song, got the crowd to sing along and want more from the band. “Not Okay” and “Desolation Row” from earlier albums, captivated the long time fans as they hollered every word in sync with Way, and even sang it right on beat when the mic was pointed towards them for an audience solo. Gerard Way exuded an animated rock star performance as he jutted around stage and captivated the fans.

The band really came alive when they played the more contemporary sounding “Planetary (Go!)”. You could feel the energy in the venue explode. The heavy kick drum fueled the force behind the song and the band looked like they were really letting go and having fun. Way strutted around stage and danced along with the fans to the most fun song of the night.

“Sing”, the current single from Danger Days, is a rock ballad the way My Chemical Romance would do a rock ballad. It starts with the tinkering of piano keys and a light drum beat, but by the chorus everything picks up and the belting of the lyrics, the gospel-esque back up singers, and the electric guitar riffs make it a full blown power anthem.

“Helena”, arguably their most commercial song, was next and it’s definitely the one carrying the heaviest lyrical content, but you’d never know from hearing MCR perform it live. It’s done with such vigor, it draws the crowd in and keeps them hanging on to every word. The tone of Way’s voice is never once angsty or whiny, and the full instrumentation make the song enjoyable and a clear crowd favorite.

MCR ended the night (after “House Of Wolves” and “Teenagers”) with “Kids From Yesterday”. The anthem for the fans could be in the next teen comedy, but that’s what makes it most appealing. With lyrics like, “And you want to live forever in the lights you make/ When we were young we used to say/ That you only hear the music when your heart begins to break/Now we are the kids from yesterday” it’s easy to see why the young crowd relates to My Chemical Romance so well.

My Chemical Romance wowed the crowed with their hour set and had a rousing encore of “Black Parade” after shouts of “one more song!” rang through the place. The energy never waned. MCR may not be the commercial success they once were a few years ago, but they didn’t seem to mind and neither do their legion of fans.

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