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martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010

To Kill A Demon Shark posted by Frank on Sep 7, 2010 01:29pm

To Kill A Demon Shark

Hola friends, screw you enemies, it's been awhile. I trust you've been well! Hope you spent your holiday weekend wearing a would you like an update? Do you believe in the old saying that no news is good news? Well if you do, I suggest you close your eyes and read no further, cause I am about to post some news up in this bitch.

Here's the score:

First off, I would like to say thank you to everyone on Twitter and the message boards for all your well wishes and congratulations, it's very cool to have so many people excited for us. Yes, my wife and I are now the proud owners of two brand new baby girls!!! And we couldn't be more thrilled. I must say they are a bit small yet to do all of the heavy lifting and chores I need done, but I'm pretty sure in time they will end up paying for themselves, plus they are so goddamned cute it's sickening.

#2 our new record is done, finished, kaput, in the proverbial can, and being played loudly as we drive way too fast in our respective cars.

Would you like to hear it? Ah, I bet you would, but all in due time my friends...good things come to a patient MCRmy. We have a plan, and we are sticking to it. But look alive, keep your ears to the ground and your eyes bloodshot and open...there are signs everywhere and it will all make sense to you soon. Keep checking back for the shit to hit the fan.

Exciting news item number tre'. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock comes out Sept 28! Excited? Us too! Actually, we're so psyched we designed an exclusive guitar strap for the game, and you can get yours by pre-ordering your copy at! Happy style!

Item of news that is fourth: THE 6th AND FINAL ART PRINT IS HERE! (applause) thank you everyone for your patience, yes the wait is over. "satan save the west coast, cause god wants us dead", like the 5 before it, is limited to 200 pieces, but this little bastard has been signed and stamped by all 4 members! And is available now. Please ENJOI!

Ah its been fun friends, but I must say goodbye for now. Thank you for the love, the trending topics, the beautiful drawings and artwork, and for giving everyone around you a headache by playing our records so loud.

We have much in store for you darlings, it's gonna be a fucking trip.

Thanks for always coming along for the ride. xofrank

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