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sábado, 19 de marzo de 2011

Entrevista Spinner 15.O3.2O11

My Chemical Romance are currently out on the road supporting their latest album, 'Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.' Even with the critical acclaim and topping the Billboard Rock charts, live isn't always peachy for the group. As guitarist Ray Toro reveals to Spinner, no amount of success will prevent you from electrocution. But overall, things are going great for the band, as you can see in our exclusive Q&A with Toro below.

What's the craziest thing that's happened on tour so far?

Electrocution! Our tour drummer had a run-in with a busted phone charger and an angry electrical outlet and zapped himself. Went to the hospital -- luckily everything was fine. We had a gig the same day and he had his best show yet, so I think we may do this to him now and again ...

What's in your touring survival kit?

Spare socks -- you can never have too many of those. MiFi (portable wi-fi hotspot) for when a venue has what we call "s---ernet." And a Pelican case a friend rigged up to hold my PS3 and TV to game on long bus rides.

Are you pleased with the reaction to the new album?

Absolutely. It was a long journey for us to finish this record, so that in itself felt like a victory. Now we've been able to play the songs live for people, and they go over just as good if not better then older material.

How has this tour differed from previous tours?

It's different from our 'Black Parade' tour in that the focus is more on the band and its performance than set pieces, blimps and pyro, although those props were right for the time. It feels more live now, more spontaneous. I've also noticed us enjoying the cities we've been hitting, making sure to go out and hang, getting the pulse of the place. In the past, things the speed of things was so breakneck we really didn't have that opportunity.

Which band that's active right now is doing good things for music?

I'm really happy that the Black Keys are doing well. It's good to see rock getting some attention. That's very important, given the pop-dominated music scene. Rock, especially at a live gig, does something to the body and soul that is very unique and special, so the more of this the better.

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